Who Can Volunteer for the "SAVE" Campaign

"SAVE"  is a community project implemented by people with like minds; true heroes and genuine humanitarians determined  to eradicate maternal mortality in Africa. Ongoing success of the "SAVE" campaign project in Africa is achieved  through dedication, sacrifice, self-motivation, genuine love for humanity, and a deep desire to save thousands of women in Africa from pregnancy related deaths.

This is attested by the enormous efforts and contributions made by the volunteers, who are  supporting SMI in creating awareness; assisting in research and development; conducting meetings; mobilising support from communities and organizations; contributing personal finances, materials and precious time; hosting "SAVE" rallies -prayers and processions; and are continuing to implement the post-rally programs.

The "SAVE" team is composed of people from different cultures and professional backgrounds.  You are welcome to be a part the "SAVE" family.

To volunteer, please complete the form below. Thank You!

Rally - Volunteer Form