Procedure for hosting a SAVE campaign/program:

1. You complete the volunteer form; after which we will
send you an Information and Sponsorship Invitation Pack. Click here to complete the volunteer form.

2. You start to mobilize volunteers and supporters of the SAVE program in
your area, state or country.

3. You host  meetings with the volunteers to discuss  how to implement
a "SAVE" rally and post rally programs. Click here to see reports of meetings held by other teams.

At these meetings you can:

a. elect committee members and assign role to each person.

b. invite individual's goodwill contributions (financial or material)
towards implementing the SAVE rally

c. take action and explore ways of seeking donations from  sponsors.

d. fix a specific date for the "SAVE" rally and plan post-rally programs. Click here to see the rally programs and guidelines.

e. and take decisions on strategies that can assist  you to
successfully implement the program

If you are in a country other than Nigeria, you will need to implement the SAVE rally in collaboration with a registered humanitarian organization in your country. (After the rallies, we can permit you to register SMI in your country.)

In all materials regarding the SAVE campaign, you must emphasis that  SAVE is a project of Sweet Mother International (SMI). We will also be delighted to receive feedback from time to time on your progress --this is because,  your performance determines whether you will be permitted to continue to implement the SAVE project  in your area, state or country within the 2010/11 campaign season.

You can view the successes of SAVE in



Cote d'Ivoire:

Thank you for volunteering to implement the SAVE campaign.