Report by Alao Ladi, State Coordinator and Oluseyi Da’ Silva, Secretary

As it is less than 24 hours to the kick-off time of our programs, we are glad to present to you the detailed report of Team Kwara SMI.

The break-down below reflect the contributions and other reports of Team Kwara right from inception:

1.      A Bank account was opened...
2.      We have secured a temporary office accommodation, which locates at No.13, Cardillac Place, Stadium Road, Ilorin, Kwara State.
3.      We are currently utilizing the State Coordinator’s personal vehicle for mobility.
4.      We received cash donations from:
a.      Fiolu Pharmaceuticals, Ilorin           - N5,000.00
b.      Lof – Plastic Industries Ltd.             - N2,000.00
c.      Royals Eateries                              - N5,000.00
d.      Branch Manager, First Bank PLC  - N5,000.00
e.      We are to receive the following from Seven-Up Bottling Company come 14th May, 2010:     (i.) 100 T-Shirts (ii.) 10 Crates of Soft Drinks (iii) 2 Banners (iv) Public Address System (v) Their Branded Open Van for mobility.

5.      So far, we on our own, made following cash donations:
a.      Alao Ladi (State Coordinator)   -       N15,000.00
b.      Oluseyi Da’Silva                        -       N10,000.00
c.      Oladipo Isssa Tayo              -       N7,000.00
d.      AbdulRahman Fatimah     -       N5,000.00
e.      Miss Motunrayo                  -       N5,000.00

We incurred a number of expenses in the course of running different activities. These include:
a.      Fuelling of vehicle
b.      Rentage of Temporary Office Accommodation for 1 year
c.      Printing of Documents
d.      For the second face to face meeting:
(i)     Rentage of public address system
(ii)    Light Refreshment
(iii)   Video Coverage

We equally contacted LUBCON Oil, which response we are expecting. You will be kept updated as soon as we receive their supports, including other sponsors who are numerous to mention.

We have sent letter to the Police Command for rally permit and security escorts. We are to get back to them later on Friday for the approval letters. Discussions have been held with the authorities of Ministries of Health and Women Affairs on our activities for their supports.
We have also held discussions with the leaderships of Mosques and Churches where prayers will be held. Arrangements are already concluded and everyone is set for the prayers and the rally procession.

So far so good, this is our journey so far. More updates will be sent to you as soon as they happen.



Report written by Traore Thiam Djénébou

On May 8th we will celebrate Mother's Day throughout Côte d'Ivoire and are glad to inform you of our “SAVE” rally arrangements:

 We will hold simultaneous meetings with prayers in mosques and churches.

To achieve this objective, we have booked two houses of worship in Abidjan. These are:

 The Great Mosque of Port Bouet, Town of Port Bouet,  one of the largest municipalities in the south of Abidjan.  We have already briefed the Imam of the mosque two weeks ago and the mayor of Port Bouet is also informed about the “SAVE” campaign programs
. Our procession will depart the Port Bouet “Foyer Polyvalant” room and head towards the main mosque in front of the public elementary school, square SICOGI.

• The Church of Blockauss, Commune of Cocody in Abidjan North. As modern social environment, the choice of Blockauss meets a rather unusual test of its location, it is a "village EBRIE" which opens on the shelf lagoon, has a Blockauss beach area making it a peninsula. We have already briefed the traditional chiefs Blockauss of Blockauss and the mayor of Cocody about the “SAVE” campaign. The procession will start from the Residence Cocody Chief and head for the church, near the quarter of embassy.

 The Tengrela Mosque in northern Côte d'Ivoire, this is our village. The residents were informed during a mission that we've fielded in Tengrela (800 km from Abidjan in the far north, this area is a disaster zone because of the war in our country). The mission was able to reunite mothers; we also inform them about Sweet Mother International and the message of hope offered through the “SAVE” campaign programs.

The religious persons (churches and mosques) were very happy and greatly supported the “SAVE” message.  They all want this event to become an institution and for it to be repeated each year so that we do not forget our sisters who died as a result of giving birth. They indeed, expressed so much passion in the cause and prayed that, henceforth, there shall be no more treatable pregnancy complication deaths in my country.

In addition to our meetings, we have also successfully organized to collect gifts (clothes, kitchen utensils, costume jewellery,... in short female products). We intend to distribute these products to the sisters, mothers, aunts who agreed to raise the orphaned children whose mothers died prematurely from childbirth or other conditions.

Although not much, however, we are delighted to announce that we have received for distribution:
- 20 sheets

-10 sets of kitchen utensils

We will continue to support and work towards the eradication of avoidable pregnancy related deaths in  Côte d'Ivoire and will endeavour to send in a comprehensive report after materializing the events.

Thank you

"SAVE" Campaign Face to Face Meeting Venues

Meeting dates to be advised.



Report Written by Tinu Odunuga

Tino show has had the opportunity  to hold meetings in preparation for the rally holding  this year. Our meeting today centered on more exposure for 'SAVE' and how to introduce more people to help our course. Today, we held meetings with
Media Organisations(Trumpet Newspapers and who have promised to help out in publicity to enable more exposure for SAVE.

*Tino Show is now the official co-ordinator of "SAVE AFRICAN WOMEN FROM PREGNANCY RELATED DEATHS" in London. Be part of this activity and join the co-ordinating group. Two more slots are needed as official representative.

Co-ordinators worldwide are requested to get in touch with the list of needed items for expectant and new mothers.

Thanking you all for your support.

On Behalf of Tino Show International.



Report written by Biola Ateboh

The meeting commenced at 3pm with an opening prayer by Mrs.Ateboh.

Officers were nominated to run the affairs of the state, they include:Mrs ateboh Abiola-Chairperson, Mr David Eyesan- Secretary, Mr Clement Bamigbola-operations, Mr.Timi Tiamiyu-P.R, Mr Nze Kingsley- Project, Mr.Usman Abba-Advicer.

The meeting deliberated on how to get sponsors, publicity, and mobilizing people for the rally come 17th May; in this regard, some Co-ordinators will be visiting Government officials, Media houses etc

During the meeting, members pledged to support the rally:
- Mrs Ateboh pledged 12 T-shirts
- Mr.Usman- 12 T-shirts
- Mr.Kingsley 12 face cap,12T-shirts and 2 banners
- Mr.Clement 6 tshirts 2 banners and posters

Some members will be going to media houses, etc for support and publicity on Tuesday.

Next F2F MEETING will take place before the RALLY DAY.

There was light refreshment provided by Kingsley. The meeting ended at 6.55pm.

Meeting adjournment was moved and seconded by Usman and Nze. Closing prayer by Timi.

Meeting Report - Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

Report written by Idris Usman

The meeting started at about 9:00 am with  all the coordinators presents. Opening prayer by Alh Hassan Suleiman. The SMI mission statement was outlined by Mr Idris Usman,and told the coordinators what is expected of each and every one present.

We discused on how to generate fund internally to start the good work and we agreed to contribute money to buy 20 T-shirts & 5 banners for  a start before 14th May & told the contractor that we might need more if we get sponsorship.

We mapped out plan on how to get sponsorship from org & individuals in Minna. Alh Hassan Suleiman agreed to take responsibility of the publicity campaign in Radio Niger & We drafted letters  to be distributed to 7 organizations & 4 religious centers in Minna on the 10th & following up for feedback on 11th & 12th of May.

We agreed to get our banners ready on Tuesday to create awareness before 14th. We also agreed  to convene at the same venue again on 13th to make sure all is set for the next day.

The meeting ended at about 12:30 pm & closing prayer by Mr Emmanuel Dale.