You can hold a rally at any month of the year

Friday-Sunday :  Prayers in Mosques, Churches and other religious centers

Monday :  Procession to Parliament Houses (Local government, State or Federal) in all African Countries to call on the respective governments to urgently intervene in reducing Pregnancy-Related Deaths. 



1. Open a register of supporters (collect names, contacts, comments and signatures) this could be useful for a petition to the UN, WHO or Governments/Parliaments

2. Take pictures and/or video coverage of the rally -  this will be used to create your web  page on SMI website and media publicity of your rally

3.  FUND RAISING: You can conduct  fund raising activities to support the rally.


You are invited to volunteer to lead the "SAVE" campaign rally in your area.




1. Peaceful and Sobering Procession

2. No political slogans/signs/gestures

3. Must comply with government guidelines and requirements (all rally leaders should consult with their local authorities before the rally date)

4. Speech and  proceedings will be composed by the rally leaders and must be respectful of local audience and culture

5. Link up with other rally coordinators in your region or country – cooperate with Regional or Country Rally Coordinators (to be appointed soon).

6. Dress code is White( or a uniform colour acceptable by your jurisdiction).

The rally must be PERSUASIVE and  EFFECTIVE so as to achieve  a best outcome