Box of Love

Box of Love

As a part of SMI's Safe Motherhood Project to assist mothers and babies, the organization will be donating 'Box of Love' to rural women inAfrica, particularly, new and expectant mothers  living in remote communities in Africa.


'Box of Love' for expectant mothers and babies contains baby items, clothing, toiletries, nappies, shoes , toys, and personal hygiene products. These items will go to  improving the well being of  mothers and child.


Individuals could make up their own 'Boxes of Love' and donate or you may wish to donate goods for SMI volunteers to make up the box. These boxes of love will then be transported to  rural communities, health centers and  hospitals for distribution to new and expectant mothers.


Those who donate  will receive a certificate of appreciation from Sweet Mother International. Also, a picture and list of hospitals and communities that have benefited from  your  'Box of Love'  donation will be sent to you as a mark of appreciation.


To donate, click here