Thank You

Open Letter with Love

Dear Supporters, Coordinators, and Friends,

Profound Gratitude: 

We extend our heartfelt thanks for your active participation and support in the 'Save African Women from Pregnancy Related Deaths' ("SAVE") campaign. This year's campaign has yielded overwhelming results, and we are grateful to come together for this vital cause.

Brief Report on Campaign Progress:



Sweet Mother Radio/TV in Nigeria:

Côte d’Ivoire:

Looking Forward: 

Our collective hope is to surpass these achievements in the upcoming campaign season, starting 1st August this year.

For Coordinators:

International Volunteer and Funding Mobilization:


Your efforts have prompted governmental actions and community sensitization towards eradicating maternal deaths in Africa. These achievements are commendable.

Continued Trust and Support: 

With your ongoing support, we anticipate a successful year ahead.

Honorary Awards: 

Outstanding coordinators and supporters will receive honorary awards for their contributions in the last campaign season.

With Best Wishes and Love,

John Nze-Bertram, 


Sweet Mother International

Mob: +61 449 061 457


Website: Sweet Mother International