Sweet Mother International (SMI) recognizes the integral role that motherhood plays in the health of the whole community. 

While becoming a mother is an exciting time, it is also a critical time, when proper medical care, supplies and education can help pregnancy, birth and post-natal care to run smoothly. 

Too many women die birthing their children, and we believe it is time to implement lifesaving medicine, education, and support for women facing the exciting challenge and change that becoming a mother brings.  

SMI is working towards the safety and health of mothers, mothers to be, and women in general by educating traditional birth assistants and mothers in safe birth practices, and supplying thousands of birthing kits across rural and remote Africa. 

We also distribute education materials and we work synergistically with many other organizations who share the same goals.

SMI encourages everyone to love their mothers and honour them. 

We trust you share our vision and hope you can come and join a growing global network committed to the health and wellbeing of mothers, and women, everywhere. 

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Save African Women from 
Pregnancy Related Deaths 

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