Sweet Mother International assists displaced or refugee mothers affected by war or disaster.  SMI provides volunteer services and provision of relief materials. The organization also, embarks on rehabilitation and care for widow, destitute, aged women and old-women-without-children. Mothers with HIV/AIDS are assisted to regain confidence in their homes. SMI provide these women with basic resource, knowledge and tools to enable them cope with their challenges.

Sweet Mother International assists pregnant women by organizing maternal seminars and establishment of Trust Fund where women that have complication during pregnancy or childbirth can be assisted. Young females are tutored on home building and positive attitude.

Sweet Mother International honours mothers of prominent personalities who have contributed positively to societal development. Such Mothers have hospitals, women development centers and other memorial monuments built in their names. Also, biographies of these women are compiled and developed into resource materials as magazines, books, visual documentaries and e-resources. Museums are established featuring the pictures, souvenirs and biographies of these "Golden Mothers".

Sweet Mother international discourages prostitution, women battering, and harmful cultural practices by organizing seminars, television programs, reformative music & drama. The organization also, encourages the youths to love their mothers and honour them. Competitions are organized where Youths could win prices for their Mothers. Sweet Mother International encourages cultural, racial and religious tolerance by organizing sight-seeing expeditions, tourism, cultural exchange programs and social interaction vacations among member countries.

Sweet Mother International examines and addresses critically the socio-economic and political situations affecting Mothers from performing their primary responsibilities as the epitome of love, care and hope in the home. The organization emphasizes the importance of healthy motherhood to positive societal developmental change.

Sweet Mother International achieves these aims and objectives by embarking on mass training and capacity building of women through skill acquisition, provision of educational loans & scholarships grants , social reforms, entrepreneurial and business empowerments.

Sweet Mother International formulates itself as pressure group to push the government to enact policies that will affect Mothers/Women positively. Some of the activities tailored towards achieving these aims are by: Sponsorship of legislative bills, mass rally/protest and media campaigns.

Sweet Mother International collaborates with other organizations to deliver: Free health care services; free legal interventions for oppressed women especially to Mothers of infant children whose fundamental human rights have been abused, or unlawfully detained, imprisoned or awaiting trial, also, Mothers whose economic means of livelihood has been encroached upon either by governments, organizations or individuals. The organization institutes legal action on behalf of children whose mothers died as a result of pre-meditated murder.


Campaign to Save African Women from Pregnancy Related Deaths ("SAVE")

Short term objectives:

1. To organize rallies, media campaigns, TV Talk Shows in order to highlight the plight of women in Africa, particularly, the avoidable deaths of women from treatable pregnancy complications.

2. To call on governments and stakeholders to intervene in reducing maternal mortality rates in Africa; particularly, to call on African governments to provide free obstetrics care for women.

3. To mobilise support, donations and care for rural women in Africa, including visits to obstetrics hospitals to show love to new and expectant mothers.

Long term objectives:

4. To establish a Trust Fund to assist rural women with obstetrics  care. To acheive this, SMI will be collaborating with  governments and stakeholders to provide a free and efficient obstetrics care to rural women in Africa.

In Africa, many families are poor and cannot afford cesarean operations in time of pregnancy breach; having free obstetrics care will invariable save hundreds of rural women.

Also, the TRUST FUND will be used to:

5. Establish a Mobile Maternal Health Unit  (MMHU) that will visit rural communities to assess the health conditions of pregnant women,  with a view to identifying at the earlier stages of pregnancy,   women at risk of developing complications during childbirth. The MMHU comprises an ambulance equipped with obstetrics equipments (Ultra
Sound machines etc) and medical personnel.

6. Establish an Obstetrics Emergency Intervention Unit (OEIU) that will rescue women experiencing complications from rural communities to a nearest obstetrics hospital. The OEIU comprises an ambulance or  medic helicopters fitted with obstetrics equipments and manned by trained obstetricians and midwifes.