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Dear Supporters, Coordinators and Friends,

We wish to express our profound GRATITUDE to you for supporting and participating actively in the campaign to ‘Save African Women from Pregnancy Related Deaths" ("SAVE").


We all have achieved allot during the campaign season, which started early this year. In fact, the result is overwhelming and we thank God for bring us all together for this cause.




The rally in Liberia achieved a great success as the team met with the Liberian Leaders including the Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives alongside other parliamentarians and government representatives. In fact, the Speaker of the House assured the "SAVE" Team that the issue of maternal health will be giving priority --this includes, prioritizing the training of nurses and increasing funding for good health facilities. See pictures and read full report at



In Nigeria, rallies were held in Lagos, Kwara, Delta, Oyo, Niger, Ekiti, Yobe including active mobilizations in Osun, Kaduna, Kano, Abuja, Abia, Imo and other States. Part of the SAVE program is currently sponsored by 7UP Plc in Kwara and Osun; Governments of various states have indicated an interest to support the program; a host of organizations, philanthropists and community members have shown their utmost support for the program. Several goodwill donations were received from coordinators contributions; financial and material donations from kind hearted community members and a host of other support were received from communities and organizations. See pictures and reports at


Sweet Mother Radio/TV

In addition, Sweet Mother Radio/TV has taken off in Nigeria with the first phase of the planning processes progressing well. A Planning and Implementation Committee is being constituted, meetings are continuing and hopefully, within the year: contracts will be signed with National Radio and Television Stations that will anchor the Sweet Mother Radio/TV programs. (A website will be set up soon to highlight the program contents and other information.



In Cote d’Ivorie, the SMI- SAVE Team donated food and household items to orphanages and underprivileged women. The Team are continuing to expand their operations in all the communities in Cote d’Ivoire.  Area coordinators have been appointed to oversee the smooth operation of SMI programs within these communities. In fact, the latest report indicates that the Team are making plans to build a dormitory for girl children who are orphans and to construct a modern maternity hospital in some rural areas. See pictures of past programs and report at




We are following up a request for SMI Team to visit Equatorial Guinea to assist in implementing the SMI programs in the Country (in collaboration with key government officials). We will keep you posted on progress.



As you can see, we have all achieved allot within this campaign season. Our collective hope is to supersede these achievements within next year's campaign season which started on the 1st of August  this year and ends on 31st of July next year.


If you are a coordinator of a State or Country, we urge you to set up a concrete plan of activities and map out feasible strategies to achieve your goals for the this year's campaign season.


As a coordinator, to successfully attract international support for your projects, you will need to make efforts to accomplish some core objectives of SAVE through adopting effective strategies to attract local sponsorship and goodwill. Already, most of the coordinators have made an effort to write to their governments, local industries and philanthropists. Remarkable, some have received overwhelming support from their state government (ie Niger State, Nigeria) and sponsorship from industries (ie Kwara State and Osun State, Nigeria). We encourage that you persist and write to as many industries, groups and individuals as possible. In any case, we encourage you to do all you can to implement some programs no matter how small; so as to attract goodwill to your cause.


We are making plans to mobilise international volunteers to support ongoing projects in various states and countries. Already, we are discussing with fundraising agencies to assist in mobilising funds for your programs. However, our success in attracting funding for your program will depend on the practical and verifiable evidence that we can demonstrate to donors of your past or ongoing SMI-SAVE activities.  Furthermore, we are in contact with leading emergency service providers to donate ambulances and other medical equipment that can facilitative the implementation of objectives 4-6 of SAVE. For information on “objectives 4-6” see


This year will be an exciting season for us all. We have already gained experience within last year and will leverage on this experience to achieve a great success for humanity. Our efforts so far, have made some governments to take effective actions or to promise taking effective actions to eradicate maternal deaths in their states and countries. Also, through our efforts, some government departments, particularly, the Ministries of Health have prioritised the implementation of effective maternal health programs. In addition, through our efforts, communities are being sensitised of their moral and social responsibility towards eradicating maternal deaths in Africa. These achievements are laudable and we congratulate you and all those who are assisting this noble cause.


We are trusting in you and indeed believe that, with your continuing support, we all will celebrate a successful outcome this year.


As compliment, we will be issuing a Honourary Award to outstanding coordinators and supporters of SMI-SAVE program within last year's campaign season.


Accept our best wishes and love.



John Nze-Bertram



Amanda Scott

International Project Officer




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