Report by Idris Usman

Prayers were offered in major mosques in Minna and other central mosques in local government areas of Niger state.

Alh Hassan Suleiman preached on the importance of safe motherhood and the need to curb  pregnancy related deaths in  rural areas of Niger state where access to healthcare is hard to come by. He emphasised the need to get  appropriate authorities involved and supporting the "SAVE" campaign. He ended with prayers and wished SMI a successful rally and post rally activities.


Report by Alao Ladi

Glory Be To God. We are glad to inform you of the successful completion of the Mosque prayers. We were hosted by the Youth Wing of Quareeb Islamic Society, Ilorin. Prayers were offered for both expectant/new mother and also for the repose of souls of those mother whose lives were lost at either before, during or after childbirths. May Allah/God accept our prayers - Amen. We had a video clip and pictures taken during the prayer sessions.

We are honestly delighted for Team Kwara has achieved tremendous success. We in fact are short of words to express our profound gratitude for this life touching project and the great efforts and commitments everyone have put in to make sure we achieve success.

We give a big kudos to each and everyone who is supporting the "SAVE" campaign worldwide.



Report by Edward Kargbo and Major T. Samukai Jr

Four score and ten years ago, our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty (Liberia), and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal, but unfortunately,   our mothers, sister and friends have not been receiving the proper Maternal Health Care that  they deserve.

Today's prayer service at the Benson Street Mosque was a historical one, in which Mosques Leaders saw the need to save our mothers and sisters from maternal deaths.

Indeed, this truly demonstrates that the society is ready to save our mothers from avoidable pregnancy related deaths by providing effective health care.

We highly appreciate the Mosque leaders for joining the   "SAVE" campaign. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the good and lovely mothers and fathers that speared their own precious time in joining us at the prayer ceremonies.

"SAVE" prayer, Mosque
 Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.
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"SAVE" Prayer, Church, Liberia
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Report by Idris Usman

Prayers were offered by two prominent churches in Minna and its environs in Niger State.

In Living Faith Church Minna, the presiding pastor in his sermon, exposed to his members the dangers involve in giving birth at home without any midwife or medical personnel's supervision.

At the end, he offered special prayers for SMI and wished the organization the best in its endeavors. In the same remark, SIHIYONA BAPTIST CHURCH, Rev. J.D ISHAKU,  prayed for the nation (women)and the organisers and initiators of the "SAVE" campaign. Finally, the prayers came to an end at about 1:30pm and pictures were taken at the end of the service.