President | Speech

President's Speech

Dear Friend and Compatriot,

Thank you for your heroic move to support or volunteer in the campaign to “Save African Women from Pregnancy-Related Deaths”. As we join together to add our VOICES to this campaign, we have become ONE PEOPLE! ONE WORLD!! UNITED IN PROGRESS!!!

Our common hope is that one day soon, we will all join together  to celebrate a MOTHER AFRICA where women will not  be neglected.

Africa is a continent of great people; such as the great Mandela, OBAMA and his African roots, and other great people of African heritage from all works of life. Many more great people would have been born if not for the 600,000 avoidable maternal deaths per year!

Our sympathy goes to all the families in the continent that have lost loved ones.  May the gentle souls of all WOMEN who have died from pregnancy complications Rest in Perfect Peace. Amen!

We all must stand-up and say NEVER AGAIN should women die from avoidable pregnancy-related deaths in Africa. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), "Africa is the only region where there has been no improvement in maternal deaths for more than a decade. Indeed, the average maternal mortality ratio has increased from 870/100 000 live births in 1990, to 1000/100 000 live births in 2001."

Flowing from the maxim that “evil prevails if good men [and women] do nothing”, we will like to call on all good men and women in Africa to rally together and TAKE effective ACTION!

As a comparison matrix, lets take for instance, the publicity and action taken by the international community on the SWINE FLU case where only a couple of hundreds died; we have also seen the action taken in cases of natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti that killed over 150,000 people — about US $6 Billion was raised to assist Haiti’s recovery, and recently, hundreds of millions of dollars were spent in various Earth Hour events — Now, the question is, on a global scale, WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE WORLD TO PREGNANCY-RELATED DEATHS?!!!!!-- estimated as over 600,000 deaths per year. . The short answer is “LITTLE”...are women and children not IMPORTANT???...How many more pregnancy-related deaths are needed for the governments to take a decisive action???...

We applaud the efforts of men and women in the continent who are doing much to address the issues of maternal death. However, our vision is to see a M-A-S-S-I-V-E response of GOVERNMENTS, COMMUNITIES, ORGANIZATIONS and INDIVIDUALS jointly united and saying ENOUGH! is ENOUGH! to the avoidable DEATHS of WOMEN from pregnancy complications in AFRICA!

If we all can join together to take ACTION on this issue, then, we are on our way to achieving success.

To honour your efforts, after the rally, we will be delighted to feature your rally pictures and/or videos on the Sweet Mother International website  Also, we would appreciate if you can permit us to create your profile, and post your articles or  texts on the site.

Accept our best wishes and sincere appreciations; together we can make a difference.




Yours for humanity,

John Nze-Bertram


Sweet Mother International.


About the President

John Nze-Bertram, right, with his Excellency Mike Rann, former Premier of South Australia


John Nze-Bertram,  the President of Sweet Mother International is a Sponsoring Member of the Institute of Ethics and Leadership, Germany; a  Member of the United Nations Society University of South Australia ; Ex-President of the African Chamber of Commerce Incorporated South Australia; Australian National Coordinator of “Club OHADA” - Organization for the Harmonization of Business Laws in Africa; International Team Leader of the " South Australian Trade and Tourism Project” -- coordinating and networking with over 600 organizations worldwide.

He is  also the Managing Director of Strategic Trades Services- Import & Export Network -- an import and export brokerage company based in South Australia.

John Nze-Bertram is an alumni of South Australian Government Vocational Education and Training (TAFESA) - Interlink Program; School of International Studies University of South Australia; Commercial Law University of South Australia; completed Law Degree at  the School of Law, University of South Australia.

In South Australia, John Nze-Bertram  served as a volunteer for a local council where he assisted people living with disability to acquire technical and social skills, and to integrate into the community. In addition, he has participated actively in advancing the  African community development initiatives in Australia.

For example: supporting the government's  social integration program that aims to promote multiculturalism and inclusiveness, John Nze-Bertram participated actively in mobilizing the African community leaders to the South Australian Parliament House on an invitation by the Honourable Speaker; followed by his nomination as a special guest among Nigerian community leaders  to a luncheon, at the Parliament House, with the Attorney General of South Australia and Nigerian High Commissioner.

Also recently, among other African community members in South Australia, John Nze-Bertram was specially invited by His Excellency, Mike Rann, the ex-Premier of South Australia, to an occasion honouring the contribution of Africans to the development of the State -( Pictures above); On other occasions, he  has met, greeted with a hand shake and discussed with several prominent Australians including his Excellency, John Howard, the former Prime Minister of Australia, and his Excellency, Mr Hieu Van Le, the Chairman of the South Australian Multicultural and Ethnic Affairs Commission (SAMEAC) and the Lieutenant Governor of South Australia.

Mr. Nze-Bertram is a dedicated and versatile administrator, with several years of experience among international not-for-profit organizations and private enterprises. He possess extensive skills, knowledge and experience in strategic project management - planning, networking, analyzing, implementing, integrating, monitoring and reviewing. Strong blend of managerial, professional and interpersonal skills. Proven success working under pressure within stringent time frames and meeting demanding targets. Capacity to make difficult decisions and achieve results. Ability to achieve goals with limited resources and to facilitate and optimize difficult and complex negotiation situations with across linguistically and culturally diverse groups.

He has pioneered the establishment of several organizations - political, religious and civil organizations. He is a humble person with lots of passion to serve humanity and delights in helping people overcome challenging problems and to realize their goals.


As hobbies, John Nze-Bertram likes to play soccer, listen to music, and network via virtual communities platforms. He also likes to travel and experience new cultures.


Through  SMI-WYEA programs, John Nze-Bertram wishes to establish  effective networking and exchange partnership  with like minded leaders of community organizations --with a view to advancing progress in Africa and helping to stop the avoidable deaths of women from pregnancy complications.